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1 Discipline, an integral part of education, must be imbibed and practiced by every student of the school at all times and in all places.

2 The academic year of the school begin in first week of June and end in the last week of March every year

3 The school hours are from 8.05 am to 1.40pm

4 Students must reach the school campus before at 7.50 AM. The students should assemble in the assembly place at 7.55 AM, after the first bell for the morning assembly and be in the class room at 8.05 AM. All students must sign in at the office if they enter after 7.55 AM. No student shall absent without prior permission.

5 The annual school fee may be made in 4 installments. The payments of fee must be made on dates specified. Bills for books, stationery and conveyance if any should be cleared within two weeks from the date of issue. For late remittance of fee, fine will be imposed as determined from time to time by the management. Parents may remit school fees and other dues at the school office. System generated receipts will be issued. Parents, desirous of making payments through bank using Core banking facility may credit to Santom Public School, Thungali, Vengoor. SB A/c No10620100062762 with Federal Bank, Vengoor branch. The IFSC Code is FDRL 0001062

6 The defaulters of fee will not be allowed to appear for exam.

7 The transfer Certificate or any other certificate of pupils will be issued only after the payment of all dues to the school and only after publication of results of the final examination.

8 Wearing school uniform is compulsory. Students not in uniform will not be allowed to attend the classes. The school uniform is a sacred and prized possession of a student. Students are not expected to use the school uniform in restaurants, Cinema Theater or other public places and which may lead to disciplinary action. Hair colouring, using gold or other ornaments of much values, fashionable accessories, fashionable trendy hair cut are not allowed in school. If ear rings must be worn, then they must be small hoops, or studs. Nose rings, bangles rings, bracelets, tattoos, Mehandi of any kind are not promoted. Students, who have begun to shave, must have a clean shave face.

9 Personal cleanliness must be strictly observed. The dress must be neat and clean. Each student is responsible for safe keeping his/her own belongings. All personal belongings such as bags, text and note books etc. should be kept neat, tidy and labeled. The school will not accept responsibility for any loss. Every student must carry a bag / satchel. No books should be carried loose.

10 The students should be respectful and courteous to co fellow students, teaching and non-teaching staff, elders, parents / guardians, and the public and be polite to all including visitors to the school that the student may come across. They should follow the instruction given to them from time to time.

11 Students who are absent from class must bring leave letter from their parent / guardian to the class teacher stating the reason for their absence.

12 Students suffering from contagious or infectious diseases like Chickenpox, measles, mumps etc. should not be sent to school until they are medically fit.

13 Continuous absence for 15 days without leave will cause the removal of the pupil’s name from the school register. In such cases they can be re-admitted only after the payment of admission fee and other miscellaneous fees. Re-admission cannot be claimed as a matter of right. The school authorities will have full discretion.

14 Students should appear for all the examinations and unit tests. If a pupil is not able to attend any of the examination, the parent / guardian should submit a leave letter stating the reason. No re- exam will be conducted and the marks of other examinations will be considered for promoting the pupil to the next standard.

15 Promotion to higher class will be granted or denied on the basis of marks obtained in the examination.

16 School diary is a true record of a student’s academic performance and conduct. It is to be signed by class teacher and principal or their delegates. It must be maintained with utmost care and it must be brought to school on every class day. A student who does not have his / her dairy may be send back home. Losing a diary is a serious fault. A fine of Rs. 200/- has to be paid to get a new one.

17 No remarks once written in the diary can be cancelled by anyone other than principal

18 Two general observation, in the diary would amount to one general remark which is very serious breach of discipline. A “Student incident report” goes home for parent/ guardian signature and returned to the school. The student, teacher and parent conference shall discuss a plan of positive action for the future. In case of extreme or repeated infractions; the case may be referred to principal/ Management for further discussion and diciplinary action.

19 Every student must possess an identity card issued by the school. The card must be renewed periodically. Not bring the ID card could result not being allowed in the school premises.

20 Students are not allowed electronic gadgets cell phone digital watches, diaries, toys, video game, pen drive, PSPs, DVDs, CDs or portable audio video devices. Any mass storage devise are forbidden in the school. The use of scientific calculator is allowed on permission from principal.

21 The medium of instruction and language of the campus is English. Hence all students and teaching staff are expected to communicate in English in the school campus.

22 Students will refrain from damaging any form of school property. The school reserves the right to be compensated from the students for any such damage or loss.

23 Students will refrain from littering. The class rooms and school premises should be clean and plastic free zone. If anyone anything littered, it should be picked up and deposited in the waste bin with concern for a clean campus.

24 Irregular attendance, habitual negligence in school work, dishonesty, obscenity in word or deed, insubordination, serious misconduct or threat, even outside the school are sufficient reason for disciplinary action.

25 Parents should refrain from sending money with their child without specific written notice from school for safety and security reasons.

26 Any form of bullying or ragging will result disciplinary action

27 Students should not lend nor borrow any articles required in the class / school.

28 Every student is expected to behave well and be polite to all, while travelling. The reputation of the school must be hold high at all times and in all places. All students should realize that they are the brand ambassadors of the school.

29 A student travelling by school bus from the beginning of a term has to travel by it for the whole term. If a parent wants to discontinue the use of school conveyance from next term he/she must inform the school in advance and obtain due permission in writing from principal.

30 Use of swear words and foul language, scribbling and scratching on school walls and furniture or elsewhere is strictly prohibited, and disciplinary action will be taken against those found guilty. Students must be ecofriendly an help to keep the class rooms, school building and entire campus clean.

31 All students should arrive in class well prepared for their lessons daily and do their homework regularly and should come to the class only after revising the lessons taught on the previous day. Promotion is given on the basis of CBSE norms, Class test, term exam, oral exam, homework, project records, co-curricular activities and other evaluations.

32 Students should keep perfect silence during class hours and at assemblies. Their manner of movement should be quiet and orderly at all times. While passing along the verandah or corridor students should keep to left and walk in a line keeping their hand at the back

33 Students should ensure and maintain the various social values such as obedience, discipline, politeness, respect for teachers and elders, punctuality, care, truthfulness, unselfish behavior, neatly dressing etc. The rule of good behavior, applies outside as well as inside the school. The students who contravenes to this rules without valid reason will be punished.

34 The school authorities reserve the right to examines the school bag and belongings of students whenever necessary

35 The management of the school pays keen attention to the health, security and well-being of the students. The school however shall not be held responsible in any way for any illness, injury accident or mishap to the students.

36 The management and staff of the school endeavor to deal with parent with utmost respect and courtesy. We expect reciprocity in this regard from them. Any complaint should be addressed to the management and not to the staff.

37 No students will remain on in the campus or in class rooms after last bell has been rung without the permission of principal.

38 Smoking, chewing pan, chewing gum etc. are strictly forbidden. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness disobedience, bad conduct, stealing, using unfair means in examination or sickness, liable to be injurious to other students justify dismissal.

39 To cultivate the habit of conservation, students are advised to switch off lights, fans and other electrical gadgets and close the water taps after use

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