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Any day of the Santom School is a great day for a special event. Teachers and parents are the driving force behind any events. Events offer excellent opportunities for students to learn, co-operation, team work and leadership skills while making memories that will last a life time.

There are academic and non-academic school events and activities.

Creative writings, Exhibitions, Science fair, Reading, Educational tours, Celebrating cultural diversity of the country, etc. come under academic. Annual day, Sports & games, Festival celebrations, School fest, Picnic, Birthday celebrations, international and national celebrations, talent shows like painting, music, dance,  Yoga, karate, besides  debating, elocution, dramatics, and quizzing’s etc. come under Non-Academic.

The calendar below offers a few major school events which are held annually.


Open day program takes place at the beginning of June when school reopens. Although it is not mandatory for parents to attend Santom school open day, they can have a difficult time letting go off children on the first day of school, especially for parents of kindergarten. It offers great opportunities for parents to meet teachers and to share with them news of special upcoming events and ways they can get involved.


Children are often completely out of their comfort zone on their first day.We know that a cheerful welcome helps kindergarten children for a positive start to their school journey. The first day of school is always exciting for both students and teachers. As students enter the class room for the first time they need to feel at home. It can be done by creating a welcoming environment, organizing classroom supplies etc. and being greeted by a friendly way. Our mission is to touch the heart of each child while instilling a love for lifelong learning. We will give your children the skill and knowledge necessary for their successful future as well as instill an eagerness and enthusiasm to know more and questio


Reading week allow the students to catch up, get focused and spend some time reading and understanding the material presented to him. A little careful planning can make this week special and memorable one.

At Santom School run three competitions, one for primary, one for secondary and the other for higher secondary. Winners received book prize during assembly.

The older students have opportunities to read to the primary class children.


May and July are usually the months when orientation courses for teachers, parents and students are held. Orientation courses encourages the teachers` confidence and helps them to adapt to teaching environment. We know the teacher orientation is important to lay a foundation for teachers with a concise and accurate information about how things are done here ( ie support, dicipline and class room management, etc.) to make them more comfortable in their teaching tenure. It contribute to more effective and productive teaching practice.Our parent orientation programme give fantastic opportunities for parents to know what to expect in the coming years. The school explain the pattern for conducting examinations,the extra curricular activities and support required from parents etc.


Open house is held soon after the examination  in each term. The open house is aimed at helping the parents in monitoring the progress of their ward. It allows the teachers an opportunity to create a personal connection with parents. Parents` presence is compulsory for all open house. This is also an event held to allow parents to look around the school and learn about it. In elementary classes parents come and go during sheduled hours and teachers may be willing to discus individual student`s progress.But in higher classes parents and teachers meet each other face to face to build a partnership, one that lasts all school year long. Teachers utilize this forum to discuss the strong and weak points- friends,family, psychological,child information,academic performance, tricky situations etc. – of children with parents concerned and prepare an action plan and monitor timely.


According to legend king Mahabali was a wise and judicious demon ruler and was also very egoistic. Onam is believed to be the occasion when Mahabali visit his ancient Kingdom annually to see his subjects.

We celebrate Onam every year in the Malayalam month `Chingam`. Every staff and student neatly wear new Kerala dress. A massive and most exquisite pookalam competition is prepared on the day on school house basis. Prizes will be awarded for the best pookalam. Further there will be a lot of activities that take place like arrival of Mahabali, Kummattikali, Kaikottikali, Vadam vali, Onapattu, Sports, Games ,Music, Dance, besides Quizzings, debate, dramatics , elocution etc.

On the eve of Onam, traditional rituals are performed and we celebrate the occasion with grand feast (Onasadya) with several dishes, pappadum, pazham, payasam etc. served on banana leaves.




Every year Santom school discreetly organize educational and sightseeing tour trips to strategically and historically important places and facilitate our students to reach out for information beyond the text books. Having an educational tour allows students to discover differences ranging from language, culture, custom, history, civilization, life styles people and natural beauties etc. School tour has become an important part of extra curriculum. We plan and organize an annual excursion for students categorizing them in to different age group to explore their fascinating way of life and add fun and enthusiasm.







Exhibitions, seminars, projects, presentations etc. are the medium of development of students. Hence Santom School organizes exhibitions and seminars to enhance the students` knowledge, usually held in the month of November. A science exhibition is a wonderful tool that engages the students in learning new facts. The student applies their classroom and bookish knowledge in these exhibitions and develops their taste for learning by doing. We are trying to initiate and motivate   the science exhibition at all levels from primary to middle and senior levels. The teachers take the responsibilities to maintain the student’s enthusiasm and give positive direction to the curiosity of students and help them dive deep in to the ocean of learning. Science exhibition is a platform where in students showcased their talents on creativity and innovation which can be used for learning various concepts for children. Students and teachers used to participate in this activity and makes models which are used as teaching aids during their internship programme later. The winner of the best showcased project will   be awarded.





Usually Sports day is held in December and is a thrilling day for students, teachers, staff and families. December is a busy month for everybody. Our schedules are over loaded. The day begins with a march past presented by students. Extracurricular activities are the integral part of holistic development of a child. Sports, particularly team sports engender purposeful and meaningful social relationship .This social interaction with friends and workmates provide a highly desirable security, belongings and ultimate happiness. The happiness originating from the participation in sports is the highly cherished trophy. The sports promotes good health, preventive measures against disease, build self-esteem, physically active life style, mental abilities, nurturing sportsman ship and make the children active and agile etc.

To foster healthy competition and team spirit and to inculcate a sense of belongings, responsibility and loyalty among students, they are divided into four houses-Blue, Green, Red and Violet. The celebrations include games like football throw ball, volley ball, cricket, and track and field.

 A feature of our school is that the competitions are between houses and the maximum points scored house team will be awarded with the ever rolling trophy. The sports will be held for seniors and juniors separately. The achievers shall be awarded for best athlete from different categories.


The school annual day is a platform where  the students  springout their talents and build their confidence,  usually in the month  of December. Every year we are preparing to host the annual day.  Students will be able to interact with other students with interest in arts, dance, music etc., be able to work on different projects, be able to provide with an opportunity to showcase their various talents and interact with their teachers in a more informal environment. This is a general platform to explore the students` personal interest, and is open to all abilities and bring out the talented students to lime light. From dance performance to plays and musical events to speeches; the school annual day is one day that is eagerly anticipated by children and parents alike every year. This is also a day when achievers are felicitated for their accomplishments in the academic year.

Indeed the school annual day is the culmination of the school`s academic year. It is a time for celebration and recognition of students` as well as the school`s achievements.


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